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Temporary or Seasonal Structures

Overhead Single Phase Line Extension/ New Construction

Example: (Well, Fence Charger, Deer Camp)


HOTEC’s policy for Line Extension on Temporary or Seasonal Structures

  • HOTEC will collect 100% Aid to Construction for all line to be installed
  • HOTEC will collect 100% of the cost for the removal of any line which is extended for the use of service
  • 100% of Line Extension at $7.00/ft. (non-refundable Aid to Construction)


Cost to Customer

  • Meter Loop
  • 4/0 URD service wire $2.15/ft. (Cost is for wire only.  Installation is customers responsibility)
  • There will be a $275.00 charge for the installation of any transformer.



  • All service must meet National Electric Code; HOTEC reserves the right to disallow any service not up to NEC or HOTEC specifications.
  • If customer decides to go with underground service it must be buried a minimum of 24”.
  • Trench and backfill will be inspected prior to permanent service.


General Information

  • All URD service is member installed
  • Service wire and metering installations may be purchased from other electrical merchants as long as they meet NEC specifications.
  • Prices for construction and wire will be recalculated periodically.
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