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PLX Meters

Our PLX meters are our automated meter reading (AMR) system.  The PLX system can help us:

  • Correctly size transformers - the system provides peak demand usage data with a time stamp.  We can use this information to build a load profile for use in properly sizing transformers.
  • Balance loads - the system provides kWh usage, peak demand, and phase identification.  All this can be used to help identify which loads to shift.
  • Identify failing equipment - signal strength analysis of the transmitters can provide location of failing equipment such as cracked insulators, bad switches, hot line clamps, and bad voltage regulators.  
  • Reduce blinks - the system monitors blinks and can identify the locations that experience blinks.
  • Determine how widespread outages are - the system will identify transmitters that have lost power.
  • Reduce line loss - through system maintenance and diagnostic evaluation, we can reduce line loss.
  • Enhance customer service and resolve billing questions - data that is collected can provide accurate, daily usage for each customer.  This information can be used to resolve billing questions.
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